Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire gewinnt MTV Movie Brawl 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hat es bis ins Finale der diesjährigen MTV Movie Brawl geschafft, aber leider wurden wir nur Zweiter... Aber herzlichen Glückwunsch an The Hunger Games, es war ein fairer Wettkampf. Nächstest Jahr gibt es dann hoffentlich eine Revange mit City of Ashes!!! Danke an alle Schattenjägerfans da draußen, die eifrig mit gevoted haben!!
Auch Cassandra Clare ist von den TMIFans begeistert und hat uns mit einem Auszug aus Clockwork Princess belohnt!! Aber zunächst noch eine tolle Neuigkeit für alle deutschen Fans!! City of Lost Souls wird laut Amazon im Februar auf Deutsch veröffentlicht!!

Und hier für euch der Auszug:

Will looked at his sister. “And you don’t care about being a Shadowhunter. How is this: I shall write a letter and give it to you if you promise to deliver it home yourself — and not to return.”
Cecily recoiled; she had many memories of shouting matches with Will, of the china dolls she had owned that he had broken by dropping them out an attic window; but there was also kindness in her memories: the brother who had bandaged up a cut knee, or retied her hair ribbons when they came loose. That kindness was absent from the Will who stood before her now. Her mother had used to cry for the first year or two after Will went; she had said, in Welsh, holding Cecily to her, that they — the Shadowhunters — would “take all the love out of him.” A cold, unloving people, she had told Cecily, who had forbidden her marriage to her husband. What could he want with them, her Will, her little one?
“I will not go,” Cecily said, staring her brother down. “And if you insist that I must, I will — I will —”
The door of the attic slid open and Jem stood silhouetted in the doorway…

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